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The National Letter of Intent: What Student-Athletes are signing at Villanova

Wednesday is National Signing Day when high school seniors are signing and submitting their Letter of Intent to play at a university.

VU Hoops was able to get a copy of what the future Villanova Wildcats are signing.

We are please to award [Athlete Name] a grant-in-aid to attend Villanova University in the sport of Football. This award is in conformity with NCAA and University regulations and begins academic semeser Fall 2014, subject to your admission, subsequent registrations, and enrollment at the University. The grant-in-aid will include remission of expenses for:

[ ] Full Tuition

[ ] Full Room & Board

[ ] Required Text Books on Loan

[ ] Full Fees

The continuance of this award is contingent upon your remaining in satisfactory academic standing as a student under the rules of Villanova University and the NCAA; complying with prescribed standards of conduct for Villanova University students and abiding by the rules of the NCAA and Colonial Athletic Association.

The term of this grant-in-aid is one year, but it should be understood that this grant-in-aid is renewable and the that the renewal of a grant-in-aid will not be predicated upon athletic prowess or conspicuous athletic success; nor will it be predicated upon the student-athletes' failure to participate due to a disabling athletic injury.

It should further be understood that to retain and to receive renewals, you must maintain a satisfactory scholastic record and meet the disciplinary requirements of the University and the Department of Athletics. Voluntary withdrawal from your sport for personal reasons will terminate this award.

Signature of Prospect

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian

Director of Athletics

Director of Financial Aid

That seems pretty straight forward; Villanova will take care of your tuition, room & board, books, and fees. The athlete goes to school and stays out of trouble and then gets another year. If the athlete quits, the scholarship is gone. Gets hurt, the scholarship is still theirs'.

Was that what you were expecting or were you expecting some more legalese?