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Big East Tourney Pick'em Update

In which no one has a perfect bracket.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Come on, guys. 41 entries, and no one still has a perfect bracket. Good luck winning Warren Buffet's billion.

Granted, DePaul shocked all of us. Only 1 of 41 people chose DePaul over Georgetown. Sadly, levisharp took Butler over Seton Hall.

34 of 41 entries have Villanova winning. 3 have Creighton, 2 have St. John's, and Marquette and Xavier each received one vote of confidence in the finals. All participants picked Villanova to win their quarterfinal matchup today. St. John's and Xavier are minorly favored over Providence and Marquette, respectively.

7 people chose Georgetown to reach the final, and are likely eliminated from contention.

Let's just pause for a second, enjoy one last memory of DePaul knocking off Georgetown, and let's see if the Blue Demons can't play Cinderella and upset Creighton.

Today's games are worth 2 points each, so there's a chance you could have 9 at the end of the day! I'll send out another update tonight or tomorrow morning.