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Join the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge

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Win McNamee

We will be hosting an NCAA Bracket Challenge via Yahoo for VU Hoops readers.

The person with the most points will win a $50 gift certificate to Fanatics. [Official Rules]

When registering, please use your SB Nation username as the name of your bracket entry. Simply, click here to join. [Pool ID# is 29039]


In addition to traditional scoring, we will be employing Seed Differential bonus points. Seed difference bonuses give bonus points for picking lower-seeded teams correctly. If you correctly select a lower-seeded team, you will earn a bonus of the difference between the seeds times the bonus multiplier for the round. For example, if you correctly picked a 10th seeded team over a 6th seed in round two, and round two has a multiplier of 1, you would earn (10 - 6) * 1 = 4 bonus points.

Round Correct Seed Difference Multiplier
Round of 64 1 pts 1 x seed diff
Round of 32 2 pts 1 x seed diff
Reg. Semis 4 pts 1 x seed diff
Reg. Finals 8 pts 1 x seed diff
Semifinals 16 pts 1 x seed diff
Championship 32 pts 1 x seed diff