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Jay Wright Style Watch: Jay comments on #SuitWatch

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright is known as a dapper dresser. Dove Mens +Care has recognized this and has featured Wright in a national commercial for their body wash. The campaign "will shine a spotlight on basketball’s top decision makers to show sports fans that Dove® Men+Care® is an easy decision for men’s grooming routines (during game day and beyond)."

It makes sense, it's a natural connection; decision making, style, & cleanliness. Villanova fans would expect cases of the body wash to fly off of the shelves.

As part of the promotion rounds, friend of VU Hoops, Crossing Broad had the opportunity to interview Coach Wright. The highlight of the nearly-twenty minute discussion was, without a doubt, conversation around VU Hoops' #SuitWatch Column.

Here is the dialogue between Kyle & Jay...

Kyle: There's a site out there, VU Hoops, they keep track of your suits and style watch. I know you've seen it, I think you've mentioned it or tweeted about it. Do you have to think if you're re-wearing something? A certain suit or a particular tie?

Jay Wright: I should thank those guys. Maybe that's why I got to do a commercial for Total Men +Care. Because those guys are hyping up my suits. No, actually. They made me... I would be less than honest if I didn't say sometimes I think, man, I gotta be careful with what I put on because these guys are going to critique me.

Oh, and for what it's worth... the tie that Jay is wearing in the commercial? He wore a very similar one against DePaul this season.

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