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Jay Wright would recruit openly Gay Players at Villanova

Late last week, Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright sat down in the Sports Illustrated studio. The start of the interview begins around a discussion on Missouri defensive end and SEC co-defensive player of the year Michael Sam who came out publicly as gay in advance of the NFL Draft.

The coach of the #8 Wildcats is directly asked, "Would you recruit an openly gay high school player?"

Wright immediately replied, "I did" referring to Will Sheridan who came out following his four year career with the Wildcats.

I don't think it matters any more. -Jay Wright

The Face of Villanova Basketball did follow up that he didn't know about Sheridan being gay and that he didn't have a need to know. "It was never an issue. Everyone on the team knew," noting that it didn't impact the squad when Sheridan played from 2003-07.

Jay goes on to add, "Sam and Jason [Collins] in the NBA.... our society is getting to a good spot where I don't think it matters. I really don't think. I think 10 years ago, I don't think a guy could have trusted to come out and trust he could be recruited."

Wright finalizes his answer with, "I don't think it matters any more. It really doesn't."

h/t @chrisfuj