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Catching Up with the 'Cats: Week 19

While the Villanova Wildcats prepare to tip-off the NCAA Tournament, their peers in the pros continue to make us proud!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Randy Foye

It was a quiet seven days for Randy Foye since we last checked in on him. After catching fire during the months of January and February, Foye took a backseat in the scoring department for the Denver Nuggets. Directly after he reeled off nine consecutive double digit scoring performances, the veteran shooting guard promptly recorded five straight single digit contests. But scoring is not all Randy is limited too, a fact on full display in this beauty to Kenneth Faried:

Foye To Faried Half Court Alley Oop (via Nuggets Daily)

It comes as no surprise that Foye's diminished scoring role coincides directly with Ty Lawson, finally recovered from his rib injury, and his reinsertion into the starting lineup. Lawson spends a large portion of the Nuggets possessions handling the ball; consequently, Foye adopts a more spot-up shooter mentality with his starting point guard back on the court.

But not all is lost! Against his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers, Foye bounced back to the tune of 14 points, 5 assists, and 4 steals. Even if he isn't being relied on as a primary scorer for the Nuggets, he undoubtedly can find other ways to impact the game.

Kyle Lowry

Another week, another monster string of performances for Kyle Lowry. The guard out of Villanova continues to take his game to new levels and solidify his title as the best guard in the Eastern Conference. Two games in particular stood out this week, the first coming against the Memphis Grizzlies where Lowry recorded 22 points, 12 assists, and 7 rebounds. A double-double. But even more impressive--Kyle played 39 minutes without turning the ball over. He followed up the feat with another double-double, 28 points, 13 dimes, and 5 rebounds. Over his last three games, Lowry is sporting a 6.8 assist/turnover ratio. Filthy.

Kyle Lowry Full Highlights 2014.03.16 vs Suns - 28 Pts, 13 Assists (via Dawk Ins)

Steve Simmons, reporter for the Toronto Sun, chronicled Lowry's success as he noted that "He's always had the reputation of being hard to coach. But he's becoming the player he wants to be. And he's becoming the man I know he wants to be." Kyle echoed those sentiments, stating "I've had a lot of ups and downs, personally and professionally. But the growth has come fast and furious. It took a while for it to come."

Lowry wasn't kidding when he says that the growth has been fast and furious. His performances have propelled the Raptors to third place in the East and he's set himself up for a fat paycheck wherever he lands this upcoming summer. But keeping up with how his alma mater Wildcats are projected to do in the NCAA Tournament? Let's just say he has some more homework to do....

Kyle Lowry's NCAA March Madness prediction & tournament highlights (via YESNetwork)

Dante Cunningham

Dante Cunningham and the Minnesota Timberwolves only competed in two games this past week. During the first against the Charlotte Bobcats, Cunningham turned in an efficient 10 points on 5-8 shooting from the floor. He added 4 rebounds to complete the night. But Dante couldn't repeat the success against the Sacramento Kings, contributing only 2 points and 2 boards to the box score.

As long as the Wolves front court is healthy, expect Cunningham's production to be limited--a shame considering he's shown the ability to produce when given the opportunity.

Maalik Wayns

Maalik Wayns fights on in the D-League for the Rio Grande Vipers (definitely one of the coolest team names out there). During his brief playing time Wayns is averaging just under 15 points and 4 assists in 20 minutes of action per game. But, as youngBUCK pointed out in last week's edition, the Vipers are the Houston Rockets affiliate. The Houston front office has been noted to use the D-League as a lab of sorts, most recently testing a highly up-tempo, heavy driving and three point shooting offense. Wayns' numbers will most likely be artificially inflated as a result.

Maurice Sutton

The past seven days were particularly quiet for Maurice Sutton. The Villanova alumnus only managed a total of 2 points and 4 rebounds in 19 minutes over the course of the two games he played this week. But considering the erratic nature of his production to date, he'll probably bounce back for consecutive double-doubles. Gotta love the D-League!

Thanks for reading everyone, and let's go 'Nova tonight!!