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NCAA Tournament 2014: Tyler Ricky Tynes' picks

Here's my entry to the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge. Go ahead, take a looky.

Here's my list of "I'm sorry's" before all the anger and ish:

1) Creighton in the Final Four

2) Nova losing to UConn in the Round of 32

3) That I don't have Syracuse losing immediately


In the South I have three upsets (Dayton, Standford, Pitt) but ultimately I see Florida coming out of the South by beating Kansas, something that might change depending on Joel Embiid's availability by that round of the tournament. Stanford would probably be the weakest chance of an upset out of my three.

In the West I completely disagreed with the homie Mike J.Though I have Arizona in my Elite eight, I think they've been very slow-to-start on offense (KenPom has them 36th in adjusted offense and 32nd in opponent's offense per 100 possessions) so since my matchup is with Creighton (the best offense in the country) I have Creighton winning this region. The game to watch would be a Round of 32 game against Oklahoma State and Arizona, I wouldn't want to face Marcus Smart for my second game of the tourney.

In the Midwest THE COMMITTEE ABSOLUTELY WANTED WICHITA STATE TO LOSE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. But really, this region is absolutely stacked. But if my bracket (or optimist for Kansas State and Marcus Foster) comes true, Wichita State gets to the Sweet 16, but that's not enough for a #1 seed in this thang. Louisville is my team to win the Midwest and it'll be awesome if they do because then we can all look at the committee and laugh that they weren't at least a #3 or #2 seed. And why? Because they haven't freakin lost in March this year.

P.S. Rick Pittino is also 11-0 in the Sweet 16. Numbers I'm not betting against.

In the East One upset I'd like to point out is George Washington vs. Memphis. I've been getting slammed on Memphis radio stations for the last week and change for this decision. Memphis is very bad in the halfcourt and seem to only function well when they can run with a decent pairing of explosive guards. Reason I have GW beating them is for their defensive intensity (KenPom has them at 46th in Adjusted Defense) while using one of the most balanced scoring attacks in the NCAA (five guys scoring in double figures, one being the Villanova transfer Isaiah Armwood).

Moving forward, I have Villanova losing to UConn in the Round of 32, hopefully that won't happen and they get knocked out in the sweet 16 so they have some postseason validation to go with their fantastic regular season. But depending on how Michigan State plays, they'll beat Virginia, if they don't mesh well being healthy for the first time it'll be UVA winning this side of the bracket.

At the end of things, I have the championship split into two sides South/East are a combo of senior leadership, balance and intensity. West/Midwest are a combo of high powered offense, all-americans, and interesting coaching schemes. Florida wins the National Championship for my bracket.

Easy choice and has been for most of the season.