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What does the last perfect bracket say about Villanova?

After two days of NCAA Tournament games, just one person has an unblemished bracket.


It is nearly impossible to pick a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket. Statistics fail to predict 100% of outcomes and the "eye-test" is imperfect as well. Through one round — 32 games — just one man is still standing with a perfect bracket. Brad Binder isn't making Warren Buffett sweat, however, as his bracket was not entered in the Quicken Loans sweepstakes.

Binder filed his picks in the Yahoo! Sports' general "Tourney Bracket Pick'em 2014" contest, and as Lost Lettermen noted, the odds of picking all 32 games correctly are 1 in 4.29 trillion. Not too bad, Mr. Binder, and the fame he has gained was well-earned, after picking three 12 seeds and 14 seed Mercer over the Duke Blue Devils as well.

Was his bracket pulled from a mystical crystal ball, or will it all start come crumbling down eventually? How long will his perfection last?

More importantly, what does his bracket say about Villanova?

Well, Binder was confident that the 15 seed Milwaukee Panthers wouldn't pull off the upset, but if the Yahoo! bracket-sage is to stay perfect, the Wildcats won't be advancing to play at Madison Square Garden. He has them losing tonight against Connecticut.


The perfect bracket does have its National Champion coming from the East, however. The Buffalo Grove, Illinois resident picked the Michigan State Spartans to go all the way, The Spartans take down one-seeed Virginia in the Sweet Sixteen, while Iowa State knocks off Connecticut to head to the Elite Eight with Michigan.

The perfect bracket's Final Four also includes top-seeded Florida, 2 seed Michigan, and 7 seed Oregon.

Final score? 68-65.