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VU Hoops Bracket Challenge Update

One round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament is in the books.

237 people are participating in the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge with the winner taking home a a $50 gift certificate to Fanatics.

Here are the current standings...

Rank Owner Bracket Correct Picks Points Bonus Pts Total Pts
1 Allan BigBadBlue 27 27 35 62
2 Phil Griffin philg218 15 15 46 61
2 Lafe March's Legit Bracket 26 26 35 61
2 tbedics go nova nation 29 29 32 61
5 Leonard Jonathan Haynes fan 25 25 34 59

Quick Favor from the Participants

Can you please update your Bracket name to match your SB Nation Username? Here is how you do it. Thanks

Click on the gear icon next to your current bracket name...

Edit your Bracket Name to your SB Nation username...

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