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Behind Enemy Lines: A(nother) Casual look at the Hoyas

We exchanged another set of questions to catch up with the guys over at Casual Hoya.

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The last time we spoke to the guys over at Casual Hoya, Georgetown was on a four-game losing streak (that the Wildcats helped them extend to five). This time around, the Hoyas have a little more confidence, coming off of a home win over Creighton. Like almost everyone in the Big East that has faced Villanova (okay, not DePaul), the Hoyas are on the bubble for an NCAA tournament bid and a win over the Wildcats would be a big time check-mark on their resume.

So, anyway, while you brace yourselves for a rivalry that somewhat involves two cities that were heavily featured in both National Treasure movies (btw, they're totally making a third one), here's our Q&A with Casual Hoya's Andrew Geiger. Head over to their site to see our answers to their questions.

(1) Looks like you ended that losing streak you were in the last time we spoke, congrats on that. Now that the Hoyas are flirting with the Tourney bubble a bit, what do you think it takes for them to be invited to dance?

Casual Hoya: Thanks so much! Yes, the Hoyas are indeed back on the Bubble and though a win over you goobers should be enough for us to get on the right side of the Bubble, I think that plus another in the Big East Tournament should do it. If we lose to you goobers, however, we'll probably need a run to at least the semifinals of the BET to feel comfortable. A win over Nova would give the Hoyas 6 wins over Top 50 teams and 4 over Top 25 teams, which is the plus-side resume of like a 3 seed. Yeah we have some bad losses, but whatever.

(2) How did Georgetown beat Creighton? Can you teach Villanova that trick? Does it involve slipping something into Doug McDermott's dinner?

Casual Hoya: Not sure why you guys have had so much trouble with Creighton. In our first game with them the Hoyas were competitive throughout and just kind of fell apart late, but in both we were able to contain McDermott relatively well by putting athletic bigs on him. I didn't watch the second Creighton-Nova game (the 1st was kind of over real fast, WASN'T IT?), but did you have someone like Ochefu guard McDermott? I think he could do a good job and then you just need someone athletic to run around and faceguard him on the perimeter. Easy as pie!

(3) I left Markel Starks out of the All Big East First Team that I named in my answer to you. Did that anger you? Also, why isn't Georgetown's best player a center?

Casual Hoya: I must be biased because I think Markel Starks is arguably the best point guard in the Big East and certainly deserves some sort of recognition on the All-BE 1st team. He certainly has been the best player for Georgetown all season and will graduate as one of the more respected and universally loved players of the JT3 era by the fanbase.

Not sure if you got the memo, but Big Man U is now Lanky Wing Man U and we'll have a wave of Lanky Wing Men next season who are Otto Porter clones in Isaac Copeland and Paul White to go along with a fearsome foursome that should include Josh Smith, Mikael Hopkins, Jabril Trawick and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera.

(4) Which of the new Big East schools do you like the most? Which one do you see Georgetown fans learning to hate?

Casual Hoya: Can I answer "none" right now? They all just seem so happy-to-be-here right now and I have no reason to truly hate them. Of the three, I can see hating Xavier since they have bad chili in Cincinnati and that whole 'zip 'em up' attitude of a few years back still seems to exist a tad in Chris Mack. I don't think I'll ever hate Butler and Creighton may fall off the deep-end after this season once Mr. Player of the Year gets starts getting his 5 minutes per game with the Grizzlies.

(5) What is Georgetown's biggest flaw this season?

Casual Hoya: How many languages have the word FRONTCOURT in it? Man, everything would have been so casual this season if Greg Whittington and Josh Smith could have stuck around. Can you imagine a team with those guys, Starks and DSR? Who's going to guard them? You, Lieutenant Weinberg?

(6) How much beer do you expect to consume as a direct result of this game?

Casual Hoya: The answer, as always, is 'not enough.' But specifically, I'll be watching this game at a real comfortable new joint around town called 'Twin Peaks', which is basically Hooters but way way more casual. If the Hoyas win I'll be getting this thing:

In fact, I may get that damn thing anyway.

[Editor's note: Every curling club in the world has one of those, except, instead of a ski, it's a curling broom, and instead of being kind of cool, it's the best thing ever.]