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Jay Wright Style Watch: Xavier

Joe Robbins

It was the penultimate game of the 2014 season and the Big East Regular Season Championship was held in the balance; a perfect reason for Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright to pull out his stylish best. The fact that it was the Wildcats' first trip to the Cintas Center to face the Xavier Musketeers in a conference matchup was just icing on the cake of reasons.

The blue based ensemble proved to be an appropriate decision as 'Nova downed the Muskies, 77-70 to claim the #1 seed in next week's Big East Tournament.

Jay went back to basics with a two-piece, three-button suit. With intricate detailing, the suit was navy with pinstripes grouped in light and faint pairs. He matched the suit with a light blue straight collar shirt paired with a silver-based tie with blue accents.

He finished the suit off with a silver pocket-square.