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Social Good: Walk for Water

A 501(c)(3) organization that started on a Villanova Service Trip will be holding their 10th Annual Fundraiser.

Since was started we have never asked anything from our visitors. This site is operated by folks who love Villanova Sports for other people who love Villanova. There are no fees to access information, to read, to participate, to join this community of Villanova Fans on the web.

We've never asked for PayPal Donations. There have never been pleas to click on Ads. There are no subscription fees. Our main focus has been to provide the latest news and information about Villanova and provide a community for Wildcat Fans. Now, we are asking for something... but not for It's time to give back to the Community, again.

Matt Nespoli, Nora Reynolds, and seven other Villanova University students first traveled to Waslala, Nicaragua in 2002 on a two-week service trip.

Matt, Nora, and the other students on the trip were deeply affected by the poverty and lack of infrastructure in Waslala, as well as the beauty and warmth of the people they visited.

During the trip, the Waslalan people indicated that their most urgent need was to access clean drinking water. Matt and Nora returned home convicted to find a way to end the Waslalan water crisis, and in 2004 created Water for Waslala (WfW) to do so. Since then, WfW has provided 2,500 Waslalans with the clean drinking water they deserve and water that will last for a lifetime.

Upcoming on the 27th, WfW will be holding their major fundraiser, Walk for Water on the campus of Villanova University.

Sunday, April 27th, 2014
Noon – 2:00 pm

The annual Walk for Water is WfW's biggest event of the year! Each spring, hundreds of Villanova students and alumni as well as other supporters of Water for Waslala come together on the campus of VU to celebrate our accomplishments and raise funds for the year ahead.

As Water for Waslala begins its second decade, we have big plans for 2014!

With the support of the Villanova family and our dedicated investors from across the United States, Water for Waslala will provide more Nicaraguans with safe, clean and reliable drinking water in 2014 than during our first 10 years combined!

They’ve set an ambitious fundraising goal of $30,000 for this year’s Walk for Water and are well on our way to reaching it! Join in the celebration of a Villanova success story and become part of our exciting work in Central America.

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