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Jay Wright is not going to coach at Missouri

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

FlightAware is an amazing little thing; the site tracks every commercial and private flight in the country.

When a Cessna Citation plotted a flight course to head from Philadelphia International (PHL) to Columbia (MO) Regional (COU), the idea of Villanova's Jay Wright heading to the Missouri Tigers erupted on twitter.

For a school that unexpectedly lost Frank Haith to Tulsa, the possibility of gaining Wright would be a coup. As of two days ago, he hadn't even been contacted by Mizzou. Alas, as fast as the idea blew up, it was deflated by Dana O'Neil with a simple tweet.

Whenever a high-profile opening arises across the nation, Wright's name appears as a "candidate". It has happened with Indiana, KentuckyMarylandUCLAMinnesota, and even the Philadelphia 76ers. If none of those opportunities have lured Wright away from 'Nova, it's hard to think of one that would.

In 2009, Coach Wright said, "I love Villanova and it is where I want to be." Nothing has seemed to have changed that.