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Villanova basketball report cards: Dylan Ennis

A season of up and downs finished poorly for the Rice transfer. He'll need to improve over the summer.

Brett Carlsen

A transfer from the Rice Owls basketball program, Dylan was the lesser known Ennis brother as he watched his younger brother Tyler catapult into the natioinal spotlight (and off to the NBA) after a fantastic season for Syracuse. Still, hopes were high that Ennis could become the type of scintillating offensive guard that Villanova lacked in recent years.

Here's how the first year on the Main Line went for Dylan Ennis:

What was expected

Even last year when he wasn't eligible, practice reports heralded Ennis as a very athletic guard with a sweet stroke from the outside. Much was expected of him on both ends of the floor.

As we wrote in Wisdom of Crowds:

Best Case Scenario: Ennis could step up to become a starter or key reserve to run the point and distribute the ball to his teammates. The Villanova offense would have a floor general to help make it run more efficiently. The defense would have an athletic and energetic body to execute as well.

Worst Case Scenario: Ennis comes off of the bench and never really gets enough minutes to make an impact as the coaching staff sticks with Chennault and Arcidiacono. He struggles to adjust to the defensive scheme and ends the season leaving much room to improve.

An early season injury delayed Ennis' debut until the Battle 4 Atlantis, and he didn't disappoint once he hit the hardwood. He caught fire to the tune of 67% from downtown in the 3-game stretch in the Bahamas, but other than strong outings against Providence, Seton Hall, Temple and Creighton, was very poor from the outside the rest of the way, finishing just above 30% for the year. Whether it was mechanics or confidence, this needs work in the offseason.

On a brighter note, Ennis' energy off the bench on defense was an asset for most of the year, and should give him the confidence to be a leader on that end of the floor next season.

Vote from Wisdom of Crowds

In Wisdom of Crowds, we asked readers to vote on their prediction for how many points per game Ennis would average this season. 20% (73 voters) led the charge with a 7.7 ppg prediction, while 15% (56 votes) were more optimistic with a 9.4 ppg prediction.

Just 5% of the community were closest with their 5.5 ppg or less prediction, as Ennis finished the year with a 5.1 ppg average.

Season Actuals

16.2 47 133 35.3% 25 83 30.3% 33 42 78.6% 1.7 1.6 0.3 0.3 1.6 0.7 5.1

Best Game

His 17 point outing at home against Providence was definitely the high point of the year - he shot 4-5 from distance and added 2 steals in a 30-point blowout of the Friars that helped set the tone in the Big East that 'Nova should be feared.

Worst Game

And 0-for-everything effort in the home victory against Butler was the point at which Ennis' season took a nosedive, at least on the offensive end. Several bricks, and a couple of airballs most likely led to confidence issues on the offensive end that carried through the final game of the year.

Final Grade

C+ - A fast start likely unfairly raised expectations for Ennis, but he also scorched some pretty good competition in the Bahamas. Luckily, he was able to keep his struggles limited to one end of the floor and continue to provide good play on defense. The ugliness of the offense is the lasting impression, however.