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Jay Wright: Will his Coaching Career end at Villanova?

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On Tuesday, Brian explored how fewer coaches are jumping ship when "better" opportunities arise. While at the same time, a perfect mix of salary and support (institutionally and fan-based) is usually enough to keep coaches, like Villanova's Jay Wright, at their universities.

After a quick informal poll among the VU Hoops staff, the consensus is that Jay Wright, barring any drama or scandal, will finish his coaching career with the Villanova Wildcats.

Brian EI doubt Jay Wright will leave Villanova on his own unless things take a turn for the worst in the Athletic Department. He is very well paid and has a program where he has been able to win consistently over the years. For him to leave now, Villanova would have to get very chintzy with basketball, the boosters would have to disappear, or something else catastrophic.

Jeremy M:  I think Jay Wright will end his career at Villanova. If he was going to leave, he would have when the 76ers offered him the head coaching job. That was his perfect leap to the NBA. Jay grew up in Bucks County and has lived in the Philadelphia area most of his life. Frankly there isn't a better situation for him than Villanova, and he knows that. He has a very long leash from the success he has brought to the school. He and Father Peter are the faces of the university. Jay gets all the resources Villanova has to offer.
Chris LLast college coaching job? Yes...I see him doing something else, possibly at the international or developmental level when he gets older.
Mike J: At this point, it's hard to see what would get Jay off of the Main Line. #Nova4Life
Ryan SI don't see Wright coaching anywhere else. Villanova is a school that focuses on its public image, and Wright has done a fantastic job in building a great reputation for the Wildcats. Villanova will do everything in its power to keep Wright at his current position, thus there will be little incentive for Jay to look elsewhere.

What could take him away?

Brian: The NBA is the potential real threat to take him away, but he had that chance with the Sixers and didn't pull the trigger. Wright wants to win and I don't think he would risk putting an NBA failure on his record for the sake of a pay raise (he'll make 7 figures either way). Maybe if the raise was obscene or the situation was perfect (a young Sixers team with a top lottery pick, lots of cap space, and an open checkbook, perhaps?), but perfect is hard to come by. 

Jeremy: The only real way I see Jay leaving is A) the result of a controversy or B) a true blue blood program offers him the job. We have seen issues with drugs and team chemistry in the past. If one of those situations ever elevated to be unmanageable, it could spell disaster for the pristine image of the man in the suit. Or if UNC or Duke gave Jay a call, I think he would at least consider it. Otherwise, Jay is staying at Nova.

Is the grass greener in a Big(ger) Conference?

Brian: He went out to the desert with Rollie and the grass certainly wasn't greener there. Perhaps more than any other coach in the game, Jay Wright knows that changing jobs isn't always the best idea.

Mike: As Brian noted in the original article, "If the grass is greener in Champaign, it is only a half-shade." I disagree that it is even greener. A move to a program from an FBS school would almost mean that basketball is #2 in that school's eyes. Unless it is purely a cash-grab, I'm not sure what program he would jump into if the rumors are true that Kentucky, Indiana, (and maybe UCLA) have already knocked on Jay's door.

So what do you think? Do you think Jay Wright will finish his college coaching career at Villanova? What could get him to leave?