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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for May 22, 2014

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Daily 'Nova links, today featuring next season's expectations, NCAA track & field prelims, and bees? BEES!

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! And happy last day in the NYC office to me! It's actually not really that happy of a day, because I've got the anxiety of having to spent about 16 hours packing tomorrow. I'm a hall of fame level procrastinator, you see.

That, and I live with a female. She's got enough stuff to clothe a family of eight.

And now, the "news."

SN's look at 2014-15's best teams | Sporting News
Slideshow Alert. Villanova @ #11... Villanova very-gooded teams to death last season, winning the Big East title by defending and executing at a high level. But...

Villanova NCAA preliminary qualifiers | Fact on Villanova Theater
Villanova Track & Field currently has 17 preliminary qualifying marks by 13 athletes in seven different events.

Dante Cunningham 2013-14 Profile | Minnesota Timberwolves
In 2013-14, he was expected to move back into a smaller rotation role while helping give Love a breather from time to time, and that’s primarily what he did. While he appeared in a career-high 81 games this season, his minutes fell from a career-high 25.1 in 2012-13 to 20.2 in 2013-14. His points per game fell from 8.7 to 6.3, and his rebounds dipped from 5.1 to 4.1.

Trucker cited after bees escape along I-95 in Delaware
Yet another reason why we are glad that we aren't Blue Hens...

30 for 30 Shorts: ‘Posterized’ | Grantland
Shawn Bradley came into the NBA in 1993 as a can’t-miss prospect that would culminate in a spot in the Hall of Fame. It didn’t happen. This shows how he went on to have a successful life off the court.

How One Gay Athlete's Coming Out Led To An Activists' War | Deadspin
Derrick Gordon wanted to come out on his terms, and that meant controlling the timing. "Derrick had a long conversation with his teammates about keeping it in-house," said Patrick Burke of the You Can Play Project, which guided Gordon through the process. "Then the email went out."

Iowa State continues transfer dominance with Hallice Cooke |
The addition of Hallice Cooke and Bryce Dejean-Jones means the Cyclones should have even more success with transfer players in the future.

Legally blind long snapper headed to Tulane as walk-on |
Just one reason to root for the Green Wave this season.

More World Cup incentive: How much is a roster spot worth for U.S. players in Brazil? |
Making the US World Cup roster is worth at least $76,000. The seven players cut after training camp may get as little as $3,000. Clint Dempsey laughs at these paltry sums, but most of the MLS players involved are getting a nice boost from USA Soccer.