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Jay Wright talks about how Recruiting has changed

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

For those Villanova fans missing Jay Wright's voice, the Wildcats' head coach chatted with Anthony Pepe and Mark Linehan on Yahoo Sports Radio earlier today. They discussed the current status of recruiting and College Basketball in Philly.

Nothing too new came out of this discussion, but if you were missing his voice, you can listen in. Here are some of his interesting quotes from the 6 minute interview....

  • "It has changed a lot in terms of its sophisitcation."
  • "Everything has become so businesslike"
  • "You don't have to go out and find these guys, but the kids and families are more sophisticated."
  • "Uconn played their best basketball of the season [during the Tournament]."
  • Jay talked about Villanova's streak of losing to the eventual National Champion (but he forgot about Florida in 2006)
  • Philadelphia is an incredible college basketball city.

How many days until basketball starts?