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Weekend World Cup Open Thread & Schedule

Matthias Hangst

Pick' Em Update: "DC's Dazzling Pick Set" is the only one who has picked the winner in all four games of the 2014 World, but the entries of VillaPitt's Very Valid Picks, NovaBlueMan, Hup Holland Hup, Rob LaRubbio, and frankie c have nailed the score in two of their 3 wins to lead the VU Hoops World Cup Pick 'Em.

It's not too late to join the group (you'll just be a few points behind). Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Join Group" button.
  3. Enter the following information... Group ID#: 9335
  4. ...there should be no need to enter a password...

FAVOR: when you registering your set of picks, it will default your name to something like "Mike's Magnificent Picks" or "Mike's Brilliant Pick Set" try to change that to your SB Nation/VU Hoops username.

Saturday World Cup Schedule

6/14/2014 Group C: Colombia vs. Greece 12p Belo Horizonte ABC
6/14/2014 Group D: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica 3p Fortaleza ABC
6/14/2014 Group D: England vs. Italy 6p Manaus ESPN
6/14/2014 Group C: Ivory Coast vs. Japan 9p Recife ESPN

Sunday World Cup Schedule

6/15/2014 Group E: Switzerland vs. Ecuador 12p Brasilia ABC
6/15/2014 Group E: France vs. Honduras 3p Porto Alegre ABC
6/15/2014 Group F: Argentina vs. Bosnia 6p Rio de Janeiro ESPN