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World Cup 2014: United States vs. Ghana, Germany vs. Portugal, Iran vs. Nigeria, match times, TV schedule, live streaming and more

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SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'The 2014 FIFA World Cup enters the fifth day of competition featuring the opening match for the United States.

Are you going to watch the 6p USA match? If so, here is some required reading...

Let's take a quick look at the VU Hoops World Cup Pick 'Em.

At the completion of 11 matches, we have a 3-way tie between "Soccer sucks", "Don't Tread on This", and "USA Rocks". I really have no idea whose entries those are.

It's not too late to join the group (you'll just be a few points behind). Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Join Group" button.
  3. Enter the following information... Group ID#: 9335
  4. ...there should be no need to enter a password...

FAVOR: when you registering your set of picks, it will default your name to something like "Mike's Magnificent Picks" or "Mike's Brilliant Pick Set" try to change that to your SB Nation/VU Hoops username.

Monday World Cup Schedule

6/16/2014 Group G: Germany vs. Portugal 12p Salvador ESPN
6/16/2014 Group F: Iran vs. Nigeria 3p Curitiba ESPN
6/16/2014 Group G: United States vs. Ghana 6p Natal ESPN

Live Stream: WatchESPN &