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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for June 20, 2014

Daily 'Nova links, today featuring Jalen Brunson coming home, the gridiron 'Cats springing an upset, and Dougie McBuckets playing H-O-R-S-E.

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TGIF, 'Nova Nation! Apologies for my hiatus yesterday (an a big high five to Brian for picking it up in style) - I blame the internet at my parent's house. I'm not sure they've figured it out yet.

I wish you all well for the weekend. The days are long, the beers are cold, and the women are out in droves. Go forth, fellow Villanovans!

And now, the "news."

Temple, Villanova on Jalen Brunson's list |
Rick Brunson promised his son that their family would no longer move once Jalen Brunson reached high school.
The Brunsons had relocated seven times, finally settling in suburban Chicago in 2010, when Rick Brunson, the former Temple guard, was hired as an assistant for the Bulls.

A Villanova win 'wouldn't be the biggest shock of the weekend' |
Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News shed some light on the Villanova Wildcats football team.

New Faces, New Places: Why did Buzz Williams leave Marquette for VT? |
Williams went into an "Information-gathering mode" to try and project the likelihood of basketball programs not connected to football programs flourishing over the next 10 years in the changing climate of college athletics. Factors included ESPN contracts, projections of Marquette over the next six years, coaches who stay long-term at schools, and just about anything else that was relevant. He also negotiated (and even drafted parts) his contracts by himself. . . . and he's already planning for the day he gets fired.

Big Ten fighting for survival by adding Maryland, Rutgers in 2014 |
"It seems like they keep pushing and pushing to see what our breaking point is. . .They keep doing things they know people will hate." As the Big Ten's population moves South and West, the conference's base is rapidly shrinking: Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa all rank among the 12 states with the smallest projected growth from 2000 to '30.

College hoops summer catchup: West Coast Conference |
The season of previewing is not upon us just yet, but the season of reviewing the state of each conference most certainly is. We continue today with the West Coast Conference.

EMU is Getting Gray Turf? I'd Rather Have Something Else | Hustle Belt
Reports are leaking that gray turf will be installed at Rynearson Stadium, but that probably isn't the sexiest of ideas Heathery Lyke has had. Then again, never mind...

Supercomputers: Game on | The Economist
95% of all data collected over the 140-year history of major league baseball (MLB) has been generated in the last five years. American sports are potentially entering a new era powered by statistics and data over anything else.

Teen opens world’s first pawn shop for $15,000 sneakers | New York Post
One NYC 16-year-old is opening a sneakerhead's paradise, using his own collection as the basis to open the world's first sneaker pawn shop.

Doug McDermott takes on 99 competitors in a game of "HORSE" | CollegeBasketballTalk
The game went as expected, with McDermott beating the competition.