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$15: Build your Villanova Basketball Team

From the choices provided, build the ultimate Villanova basketball team.

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VU Hoops has always been a place that loves our current team, but always appreciates those who came before. For multiple years, Ed has spearheaded the VU Hoops Hall of Fame that remains as one of our main sections in the header navigation bar.

Again we celebrate Villanova Hoops Alumns. Our frenemy Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, the Syracuse SB Nation community, posted this fun game late last week [and is becoming a burgeoning meme].

You've got $15, go build your own Villanova Starting 5.

Point Guard

Shooting Guard

Small Forward



Wali Jones $5

Kerry Kittles $5

Paul Arizin $5

Ed Pinckney $5

Howard Porter $5

Alvin Williams $4 Scottie Reynolds $4 Larry Hennessey $4 Tim Thomas $4

John Pinone $4

Tom Ingelsby $3 Randy Foye $3 Keith Herron $3 Harrold Pressley $3

Jim Washington $3

Kyle Lowry $2 Chris Ford $2 Dwayne McClain $3

Curtis Sumpter $2

Malik Allen $2
Stewart Granger $1 Allan Ray $1 Doug West $2 Dante Cunningham $1 Jason Lawson $2
Rory Sparrow $1 Hubie White $1 Alex Bradley $1 Johnny Jones $1 Michael Bradley $1

Personally, I would take Lowry, Kittles, McClain, Thomas and Bradley. Lowry's criminally underrated at $2 and his stock is hurt by only playing two seasons on the Main Line. I'm using $5 on Kittles because of his blend of size, speed and scoring ability. He's a matchup nightmare.

McClain can operate as my do-it-all defensive maestro while I get more star power at the forward spot with Tim Thomas, who can operate both inside and out. Bradley is reliable and a solid value pick at just $1.

Who would you take? And more importantly, why?