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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for June 5, 2014

Daily 'Nova links, today featuring who will content with 'Nova next year, Phil Booth's excitement, and the fine men of Villanova Law.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! I beg of you to just leave it alone with the Rangers' loss last night. They didn't deserve to win after that third period performance, but it still stings. I need a day of recovery. My hubris will be back in full force by Saturday afternoon as I work myself into a fury.

Other than that though, good times! It's been non-stop golf and heat in the south. This ain't so bad.

And now, the "news."

Conference Catchup: Who will join Villanova in the Big East title hunt? |
Resetting the major college basketball conferences now that the coaching carousel has slowed and transfers are settling in with new teams.

Booth anxious to get to 'Guard U' | City of Basketball Love
Considering the lone guard in the Wildcats’ upcoming class called the school “Guard U,” it was clear that Phil Booth is excited by Wright’s track record.

MLB First Year Player Draft starts tonight! | Villanova Official Athletic Site
The annual Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft begins with live coverage on MLB Network this Thursday evening and will continue on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Villanova baseball players have had a long and successful history in the draft and the current Wildcats roster features a number of potential pro prospects who have drawn the eye of scouts and talent evaluators from a number of teams.

NCAA grants sixth year of elibibility to FSU center Kiel Turpin |
Florida State big man Kiel Turpin has been granted the rare sixth season of eligibility.

Silence in the favela: Love and Soccer in Brazil's best worst place |
#LongFormAlert - Experiencing life in one of the country's many slums, a jumble of community, poverty, friendship, and simple living united around their love — for each other, for God, and for soccer.

This man says he's willing to die so he can post naked pictures without getting fired | WaPo
If THIS GUY is what Villanova Law has been producing, maybe the university should give up, shutter the law school, and spend that budget elsewhere? “Look, if I’ve got to get your eyes to my penis to see the problems with the nation,” he says, “then so be it.”

In Big East OOC Scheduling news...