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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for June 9, 2014

Daily 'Nova links, today featuring some interesting comments from Washington, LeBron James' cramps, and the Creighton's brand new practice facility.


Good morning Nova Nation! Chris has been sitting indian-style on the carpet of his new living room waiting for the cable guy to come and set him up with some internet for the past few days. So while he's participating in that impromptu sit-in of his own house, I'll try to do my best to handle the links.

Filling in the news gap from Friday, there was a bunch of hubub about LeBron James and Team ROBY eventually fell victim to the exhaustion of trying to play ironman-basketball (5 men, no subs). If the tournament returns next summer, however, the guys who made it are talking about another reunion, so hopefully everything works out.

On to the news!:

U. of Washington President to smaller schools: ‘You’re never going to compete with us’ | CollegeBasketballTalk
That's how you undermine the NCAA's arguments heading into the Ed O'Bannon trial. Of course, he's right about something, there is an almost-feudal hierarchy in college sports, and while it is possible for some Earls to become Dukes, a peasant is unlikely to find himself wearing a crown.

AD: Facility to keep Creighton nationally relevant | AP
Creighton officials showed off the $13 million practice facility to the media Friday. Athletic director Bruce Rasmussen said as happy as he is with the new building, it's the recruits whom he hopes to really impress.

Big Ten not moving any football championship to NY/NJ soon, basketball still an option in 2018 |
No site has been announced for the 2018 Big Ten basketball tournament, though it is widely speculated that Madison Square Garden — where the Big East Tournament is held — could be the venue of choice. According to the reports, it would be an expensive proposition for the league, who would have to schedule around the Big East.

Michael Jordan Taken Out NBA Finals Game Cramps Like LeBron James | Complex
According to a book about Michael Jordan, he once had to leave an NBA Finals game because of stomach cramps, just like LeBron James.

Actually, LeBron James Was Drinking Gatorade Last Night | Deadspin
Brand fights are the worst of all fights, Gatorade's sustained trolling of LeBron James's cramps due to a supposed lack of proper hydration lacked some pretty key context: James had been drinking Gatorade all night.

Nova Notebook: Fisher Has Flourished Far From Home - Villanova Official Athletic Site
Villanova guard Corey Fisher helped the Wildcats reach the 2009 NCAA Final Four in Detroit. These days, he is a professional with a game that is in demand.

​Rashad McCants Made The Dean's List At UNC Without Attending Classes | Deadspin
Rashad McCants, who starred on the 2005 North Carolina championship team, comes clean about his experience at UNC--and says academics could hardly have been more of a sham. He claims he skipped classes, had his papers written for him, and that [Allan Ray definitely didn't travel] ... Okay, so it was a bit of creative-editing on that last part.

Why I Hate American Soccer Fans - WSJ
"...particularly heinous in New York City. This is a town where artisanal toast is now a thing. So of course there's a peculiar species of fan here whose passion for soccer seems to be less about 22 men chasing a ball up and down a field and more about its intellectual and cosmopolitan qualities." [Editor's note: I'm fully prepared for the wrath of Mike and Chris for posting this one. Bring it on!], did I do it right?