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Tony Chennault to release new film, "Oldhead"

Former Villanova and Wake Forest point guard Tony Chennault has opened up a new chapter in his film-making career. He is releasing a new film next month, to follow-up an acclaimed short film released in May.

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267 Productions

Our Villanova Wildcats basketball alumni have had a successful few days. First we get word that James Bell will play for the Charlotte Hornets this summer, and now we hear about Tony Chennault's next chapter in his film-making career.

On May 23rd, Chennault's first film "Chris" was screened in Philadelphia. After positive reviews, Tony has decided to release yet another movie, produced by 267 Productions.

This movie will make people appreciate the service an oldhead provides for a community. -Tony Chennault

The term "oldhead" refers to the eldest member of a community who gives advice to younger generations. Set in urban Philadelphia, the main character Sean must decide between staying loyal to his friend Kareem, or following the insightful words of oldhead Bumpy.

267 Productions is the production company that Chennault founded with some of his fellow Villanova students and graduates. The movie was filmed in Philadelphia, and is set in the neighborhood that Chennault grew up in.

The film will premier August 22nd. Locations for the screening are TBA. You can watch the one-minute-long trailer below.

Oldhead Trailer from 267 Productions on Vimeo.

The production team has been posting behind-the-scenes and promotional images on their Instagram and Twitteraccounts.