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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for July 22, 2014

Daily 'Nova links, today featuring Jenkins' sophomore campaign, broadcast mergers, and NCAA reform.

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Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! Presented without further comment, check out James Bell (0:33 mark) and Kevin Monangai going into full beast mode.

I'll also have a piece later this morning on Jay Wright's travels over the past few weeks, and what that means for Villanova's recruiting plans in 2015 and 2016.

And now, the "news."

Villanova draft prospects in 2015 NBA draft
I'm not sure of the value of an article where the author doesn't realize that Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry were first round picks in 2006, but it's July... Lets just enjoy the speculation!

Nova Notebook: Jenkins' Skills Now Supplemented by Experience | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
In his second summer at Villanova, forward Kris Jenkins now has a better understanding of what it takes to prosper as a Wildcat.

Villanova students build robotic boat for competition |
A team of students from Florida Atlantic University and Villanova University have combined forces to compete in an elite international robotics challenge with a $25,000 grant.

Radnor police investigating robbery, theft at Villanova | Main Line Media News
Radnor police are investigating a reported strong-armed robbery and related thefts of cell phones and wallets while a group of people were playing basketball Sunday evening in Villanova.

Are Sports Rights Behind Fox's Bid For Time Warner? | FOX Sports
Fox made a bid for Time Warner, and while the two television giants could form a goliath broadcaster, a big driver of interest in the bid could have been an attempt to compete with ESPN. Time Warner's sports properties (including the NCAA Tournament) have a lot of value, but live primarily on two non-sports channels - TNT and TBS. Fox would like to give them a new home on FS1.

Big 12 Commish Is Full Of **** About Pay-For-Play Killing The Olympics
Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby spoke to reporters during a press conference this morning, and spent a good deal of time painting a bleak picture of the future of college sports. What does Bowlsby see on the horizon, in a post-O'Bannon world? Athletes unionizing! Massive program cuts! The death of the Olympics!

Pitino Preps For New ACC Rivals | Duke Basketball Report
"He tells the Louisville Courier-Journal that he knows former Big East foes Syracuse, Notre Dame and Pitt well, and getting ready for Duke and UNC isn't that complicated since those two teams are constantly discussed and televised."

NCAA reform proposal preserves tournament integrity | USA Today
It's no secret that preserving March Madness has been a priority throughout the stages of NCAA governance reform. It's also no secret why. Television and marketing rights fees related to the iconic NCAA men's

Brady Aiken's College Eligibility Might Be In Jeopardy
The Brady Aiken saga has also reminded the world of the existence of one of the NCAA's silliest and most farcical rules: players like Aiken aren't allowed to hire agents for MLB negotiating purposes if they want to retain collegiate eligibility." So now, Aiken may not be able to pitch at UCLA (or anywhere) anymore.

FIFA's Report On World Cup Bidding Corruption Won't Be Made Public
We all had a grand old time in Brazil, didn't we? But now FIFA has to stop ignoring the fact that many (most?) observers believe the bidding process for the forthcoming Russia and Qatar World Cups was fixed, or at least flawed. In response to the clamoring for an update, FIFA has released a statement that amounts to, "you'll get the results when and if we say."

9 Reasons Why the NCAA Needs to Legalize the Fumblerooski | Lost Lettermen
"Sadly, college kids today weren’t even alive when the trick play to end all trick plays – in which a quarterback fumbles the ball on the center exchange and a guard picks it up and takes off – was outlawed in 1992 with a rule that states: "A player may not advance a planned loose ball in the vicinity of the snapper. ""