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Chennault's "Oldhead" to become a web-series. Kickstarter initiated.

Villanova Wildcats alum Tony Chennault already has a short film "Chris" under his belt. Now he's planning a web-series, according to Oldhead's kickstarter site.

"Oldhead," a film named after the term given to the wisest and eldest member of an urban community, was envisioned to be another short film. However, the 267 Productions team feels "there is much more to be explored with this story." There will be four more episodes to the series, with the final installment coming out in early 2015. The original short film, which only requires finishing touches, is taking the place as the pilot episode. No postponements have been made to the originally scheduled August 22nd release date.

Also on the kickstarter site is an opportunity to back the web-series project. Donations start at $5 and come along with incentives, ranging from a follow back on Twitter and Instagram to an exclusive dinner with 267 Productions editor Alex Ruane and company. The trailer is embedded at the end of this article.