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Trey Lowe trims list to 4, Villanova doesn't make the cut

About what you would expect from a local player without a Wildcat offer.

Josh Verlin

Trey Lowe has been a hot topic of debate amongst the Villanova Wildcats community - some believe the upside is tremendous and worthy of an offer from Jay Wright, while others think there are higher priority targets left on the board (i.e. #weneedabigman).

Lowe unofficially visited the Villanova campus in early June, with many believing he would leave with an offer in hand. Well, that offer never came and late Monday night Lowe cut his list to a final four schools, with the Wildcats absent from the list. Temple, St. Joseph's (PA), VCU and SMU remain.

Our good friends at City of Basketball Love have the scoop.

"These four schools seem to be the most in contact with me throughout the long run of this journey, so it just felt right to me to keep these four," [Lowe] said.

With Chris Silva looking more and more like the main target in the frontcourt and elite ballhandlers like Jalen Brunson, Bryant Crawford and Isaiah Briscoe still in play, it's no surprise to see Jay Wright refrain from seriously going after Lowe. Best of luck to the young man, and please don't become one of those players who haunts Villanova in the Big 5.