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Villanova Men's Basketball upping practice technology

The new Zone190 will help the Wildcats improve all aspects on offense

In the spirit of "For The Greater Great," the Villanova Wildcats' Men's Basketball Team has added a new piece of equipment to their practices. No, it's not a Doug McDermott cutout. It's the Zone190. Two instructional videos of its uses are at the end of this article.

Its inventor is Tamir Goodman, nicknamed "The Jewish Jordan" back in 1999 by Sports Illustrated during his high school days. He is the first Jewish Basketball player to play Division-1 and professional basketball while wearing a yarmulke on the court, playing for the Towson Tigers. Since retiring from basketball in 2009, he has found a niche as a businessman and motivational speaker/educator.

Simply put, the Zone190 perfectly replicates passes for all shot situations thanks to the elastic bungie around the apparatus. For example, it can be placed in the paint to work on turnaround jumpers. It can be put on the wing to improve fast-release corner 3's (THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT VILLANOVA WILL BE USING IT FOR). It also has a detachable extension to act as a defender to practice contested shots at the point. There are also two foot-long pads at the edges to work on "ripping through" defenders, or for dribbling and conditioning drills.

You can have your very own for $899, and there's FREE shipping and handling.