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Donte DiVincenzo wins dunk contest at Cecil's World Classic

Get up young man!

Athleticism has never been the question for Villanova commitment Donte DiVincenzo. We've seen several highlight reels showcasing his ability on the fast break and on the receiving end of an alley-oop. Still though, it comes as a nice surprise to see him taking the dunk contest crown at a summer all-star event (though admittedly, we don't know who else was participating).

DiVincenzo was crowned champion at the Cecil's World Classic, hosted recently at the Newark Boys & Girls Club. Courtesy of inRecruit, you can find a couple of videos of him dunking (along with the lead picture). Apologies for the lack of in-page video - the embed code was acting up.

Donte DiVincenzo dunks off lob pass off the side of the backboard

Donte DiVincenzo fast break dunk during All-Star game

When Donte shows up on campus, Dylan Ennis will be a senior. Will the freshman be able to dethrone the two-time Hoops Mania champion?