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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for September 10, 2014

Daily Villanova links

Happy (hopefully) Jalen Brunson decision day, 'Nova Nation! As a reminder, he is planning to announce his decision at 5:30pm ET. Jay Wright and John Groce both had in-person visits yesterday. Nobody knows what the hell is going on.

Just remember, either way this goes, keep your thoughts here. No need to run wild on Twitter or The Champaign Room on Illinois fans, or Jalen Brunson. I shouldn't need to say that, but I'm saying it just because I know how we can easily lose control of our emotions.

See you this evening!

And now, the "news."

Jalen Brunson recruiting: Handicapping the race between Illinois and Villanova -
Arguably the top point guard in the class of 2015 will decide between 'Nova and the Illini on Wednesday.

Villanova University Ranked #1 in North Category for 22nd Consecutive Year by U.S. News & World Report | Villanova Media Relations
Villanova also recognized as #1 school in the North for "Great Schools, Great Prices," and among nation’s best for “Undergraduate Teaching”. College of Engineering Ranked #11 Nationwide in "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs".

Villanova defense on the rise | The Portland Press Herald
“I think there are a lot of guys on that defense that are on the rise. They’re young sophomores and juniors that nobody has really seen play much that are stepping up and playing at a pretty high level,” Talley said. “The defense seems faster than we normally are. I saw it against Syracuse. We ran them down a few times. … We have a lot of speed so you can make up for inadequacies in certain spots.”

Terrel Hunt: ‘It won’t happen again. Plain and simple.’ | The Daily Orange
In which he says there is no excuse for what he did, and then blames it on Villanova.

Report: John Calipari setting up two-day NBA scouting combine at UK -
Kentucky is highlighting its loaded 2014-15 roster by setting up a two-day scouting combine for NBA execs, according to a report.