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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for September 12, 2014

Daily Villanova links.

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! We're heading in to a weekend without Villanova football, so try to find something meaningful to do. I suggest the Georgia-South Carolina game on Saturday afternoon. If you haven't seen Todd Gurley play, you really should. He's a manchild who doubles as a running back.

Next week should be chock full of content. The football team opens CAA play against James Madison, and we're going to dive deeper in to 2016 recruiting to figure out who Jay Wright is and should be chasing.

Enjoy the weekend!

And now, the "news."

Villanova's Poppy Livers: Towering Over Aversity | BennettRank
Smaller players are having a big impact across the college landscape, at all levels. One player making a name for himself is Villanova Wildcat senior wideout Poppy Livers.

Is Seton Hall now the favorite for Chris Silva? |
Yes. But hey, we're linked here as the source for why!

GEORGETOWN Alumn Greg Monroe peed himself while getting booked for DWI |
There are a lot of reasons not to drive drunk. Here's a new one: Everyone in the world might find out that you peed yourself.

Monmouth, ESPN reach agreement to broadcast games |
Monmouth and ESPN have reached an agreement to broadcast Hawks games on ESPN3. Each game will be produced by the University -- students, faculty and staff -- and will be connected to their sports broadcasting program. Currently the only other schools with such arrangements are ACC members, the Atlantic Sun, and St. John's University.

Illinois basketball's long, sorry history of recruiting misses |
Not to rub salt in the wounds, but... Local recruits keep spurning the Illini, and so far there's nothing John Groce has been able to do about it.

The Ray Rice Story Illustrated Why Mainstream Reporting Is Often Terrible | Crossing Broad
"[G]uys like Peter King and Chris Mortensen are all too willing to act as a mouthpiece for their league sources..."

ODU, UMass to play football games in 2016, 2017 |
Remember these guys?

The 'Real' Reason Starbucks Baristas Spell Your Name Wrong
"My name is Bob," you tell the Starbucks barista. But you aren't surprised when your cup comes back with the scribblings, "Bahwbuh." That's because Starbucks baristas misspell customers names all the time. Read why.

Breaking Madden: Tony Romo's week in Quarterback Hell |
Tony Romo threw three straight interceptions last Sunday. His punishment: all his toys have been taken away. Welcome to Quarterback Hell.