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John Robertson injured in Fordham game; will see specialist this week

Villanova quarterback John Robertson injured his hand during the Fordham game and will have x-rays done this week.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When John Robertson emerged from the locker room to talk to media after yesterday's game, he did so with an ice pack and bandages on his left hand. According to the sports information staff, the injury occurred during the first quarter of the game. The extent of the injury isn't known, but the right-handed quarterback played another two quarters after hurting his hand.

Robertson told reporters that he thought his (non-throwing) hand was just bruised, "I put my hand on the ground and I got pushed."

"It never bothered me," he continued. "I played the whole game with it. It didn't affect me."

Coach Andy Talley, however, was more cautious about his star quarterback's injury, noting that the team would be sending him to get an X-ray. His situation will be re-evaluated on Monday, after he has had a chance to be seen by a hand specialist. Regardless, Talley seemed to suggest that they would work around Robertson's left hand.

"The good thing is that it isn’t his throwing hand," Talley stated. "He played excellent football with his hand taped up, so whatever we scheme up, he can play with it. It might just not be as comfortable."

If it is just a bruise, it will hopefully feel better after the 'Cats complete their bye next weekend. The next game won't be until September 20th, at home against James Madison.