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NCAA Tournament 2015: President Obama picks Kentucky over Villanova in Final

For the seventh year President Barack Obama has sat down with ESPN and released his NCAA Bracket and this year, he has an All-Wildcat Final, with Kentucky defeating Villanova.

'Nova looks good. -President Barack Obama

Obama has 'Nova defeating Lafayette in the Round of 64 and then going on a tour of the ACC by beating North Carolina State, Louisville, and Virginia to make it to the Final Four. In Indianapolis, the President has Jay Wright's Wildcats defeating another ACC team, the Duke Blue Devils.

In discussing the national semifinal, it also appears that The President is aware of the bias against the Big East, "'Nova doesn't get much attention. Doesn't get much airtime. But I think it's their year to get to the Finals."

Obama noted that Kentucky is too strong and looks good to go 40-0 .

Here are all of The President's NCAA Bracket selections.