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Jay Wright Style Watch: Xavier

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday night game at The Pavilion brought out Villanova's hot shooting. It also brought out a fantastic look by Jay Wright.

Although one wouldn't expect a light gray suit to be the perfect outfit for a mid-week evening game, it worked for coach Wright on Wednesday as the #5 Wildcats dismantled Xavier in front of another sold-out crowd.

In a return to a three-button suit from the two button sported against DePaul, the Villanova Head Coach commanded the sidelines of The Pavilion with a light gray sharkskin suit that has been worn a number of times. His broadcloth shirt of gray and lavender stripes which he wore underneath wasn't new either. However, Wright did pull out a solid purple tie for the first time in the #SuitWatch Chronicles. Additionally, Jay's neckwear seems to be in a bit thinner, contemporary profile.

He finished the ensemble off with a light purple pocket square.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

3.5/5 Esquires: Light-gray sharkskin and a contemporary thinner purple tie was a good look.