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Jay Wright Style Watch: Georgetown

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova suffered a set-back in their second-consecutive road game, this one coming at Washington D.C.'s "Phone Booth," the Verizon Center arena. The Villanova coach was dressed like a winner, despite his team's 20-point loss at the hands of rivals Georgetown. Just minutes from the Nation's Halls of Power, Jay Wright was dressed as if he was meeting with the President for the late Monday night showdown.

Wright sported a charcoal three-piece suit with a light gray pinstripe and an off-white mother-of-pearl button set. Leaving the jacket unbuttoned allowed Wright freedom of movement while coaching, and showed off the dandy vest he was wearing as well.

Underneath, the coach sported a two-button traditional cuff on his blue-and-white striped dress shirt. He added a tie striped with various shades of brown to match the suit buttons and his beige pocket square.

It was a big step up from Saturday's understated look at the Palestra, proving that Wright knows exactly when to step up his game. As MikeJ's eagle-eyes noticed, it was the same suit and shirt that Wright wore at last season's loss to Syracuse at the Carrier Dome, though he wore it without a pocket square and with a purple-patterned tie back then.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4.0/5 Esquires: The three-piece look really shined for the coach, but we're not so sure about the brown accents.