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Tai Wynyard commits to Kentucky over Villanova and Texas

Per a report, the Kiwi forward has made a decision.


1:35p ET Update: Wynyard picks Kentucky

Original Story:

Tai Wynyard is ready to make a college commitment, and it will come sometime in the next 24 hours per a tweet from an Australian basketball reporter.

In a separate tweet, Uluc says that Wynyard also picked up scholarship offers from Kentucky and Texas, in addition to the one he had from Villanova.

This would seem to support Adam Zagoria's recent update on Wynyard, in which Tai's mother said, "He has an idea where he feels will be the best fit."

As this goes live, it's a little before 3am in New Zealand, and Uluc's tweet was on Sunday night in that timezone. A commitment from Wynyard could come at any time from Monday afternoon and forward on the East coast. Right now Wynyard classifies in the class of 2016 but there has been some talk of him reclassifying to 2015.

Stay tuned.