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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news & links for January 26, 2015

Daily Villanova links.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! A business-like victory for the 'Cats last night made a long week seem worth it, but now we get to do it all over again before the return trip to DePaul (who once again look like they have some spine). We'll keep an eye out for the coaching staff's travels again this week (we quietly started a coach recruiting tracker here) so check in there - we publish the updates on Twitter & Facebook too.

And now, the "news."

Free Chipotle Monday January 27 | Thrillist
SPOILER: it involves eating even more Chipotle.

Villanova's Pavilion needs a name |
The Pavilion needs a name. It deserves a name. Mike Jensen even gives a nod to NovaDave and his proposed Wawa Arena.

Fr. Rob’s Confessions | The Bench Mob
Sometimes you can’t even notice him. Your eyes are naturally glued to the ball - trained to follow it, as it moves up and down the football field or the basketball court. Cameras rarely catch him; too busy focusing in on the players that dominate the fans’ attention during the game. Donned in black and…

Ex-Minnesota Timberwolves PF Dante Cunningham picking up pieces after tumultuous 2014 | FOX Sports
If not for his old mentor, Dante Cunningham might have never had the chance to get back in the NBA. But the former Timberwolves forward is doing decently in New Orleans now.

Daniel Ochefu: Improvement Turns Villanova Into Contender | Hoops Habit
Villanova has struggled the last couple of years in the NCAA Tournament. Thanks to an improved Daniel Ochefu, the Wildcats are now title contenders.

In the FCS Huddle: FCS quarterback class is deep | TSN
Vernon Adams, the Walter Payton Award runner-up in each of the past two seasons, is on track to graduate at the end of the spring semester. At that point, he could leave EWU, enroll elsewhere, a la the University of Oregon which is in the market for a new starting quarterback, and have immediate eligibility for his senior season.

Charting New Waters | Villanova Media Room
A team of eight Villanova engineers arrived in Marina Bay, Singapore, during the University's fall semester. Invigorated by nerves, excitement and nearly a year’s worth of intense preparation, they competed in one of the highest-level autonomous marine system challenges ever posed to university researchers.

DePaul briefly got so confident it passed up open layups for threes | Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Alas, the torrid outside shooting didn't last and the Blue Demons fell at Xavier 89-76.

Coastal Carolina is installing a *teal* football field |
This actually isn't the most offensive artificial turf color out there. It's still offensive, though.

ESPN's Chad Ford Has Been Retroactively Editing Draft Boards For Years | Deadspin
This website has been using ESPN NBA analyst Chad Ford as a punching bag for nearly ten years. And we don't feel a bit sorry for it after discovering tonight (upon unearthing by those Reddit rapscallions) that Ford has been retroactively re-ranking his NBA draft boards years after the fact.

SkyMall files for bankruptcy, but 'hopeful' iconic catalog will survive | The Verge
Next time you're on a plane, it's possible you'll no longer have the iconic SkyMall magazine as reading material. The parent company behind the whimsical, wonderfully weird catalog — a mainstay in...