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Jay Wright Style Watch: Creighton

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Leading up to Sunday evening's game between Villanova and Creighton at The Pavilion, neither the Wildcats nor Jay Wright had ever defeated the Bluejays. Creighton had also never visited Ski Lodge.

In a night of firsts, the Wildcats' head coach dressed for the occasion as 'Nova trounced the visiting Bluejays.

With two teams based in the color of blue, Wright extended the color palette for the rare Sunday-evening game.

The Villanova leader commanded the sidelines in a two-piece, three-button navy blue suit with pinstripes. The ever-dapper coach matched the look with- what the #SuitWatch Editors are calling- a blue shirt with white stripes. He finished off the ensemble with a blue tie that featured blue & light gray geometric shapes. He did not wear a pocket-square.


The highlight of Wright's sartorial efforts were found in his footwear. As a proud supporter of the NABC's Coaches vs. Cancer program, Coach Wright and his staffed donned "Hungry & Humble" Nikes on the last day of Suits & Sneakers Week.

Even when dressing "down" Jay Wright looks better than every other coach on the sidelines.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

4.0/5 Esquires: As most coaches around the nation threw on any pair of athletic shoes, Coach Wright in his staff donned bespoke NikeID shoes highlighting the program's motto.