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Jay Wright and his suitmaker Gabe D'Annunzio profiled on CBS

#SuitWatch profile of #SuitWatch

In the lead-up to Saturday's airing of "NCAA Men of March" on CBS, the network gave us this quick clip of Villanova head coach Jay Wright with his tailor, Gabe D'Annunzio.

D'Annunzio gives us the insight that Wright is "a little colorblind" before taking Wright's measurements.

"They have a website at Villanova where they're rating my suits after each game. That's when I realized, I'd better take this seriously," noted Wright.

In the clip, Wright is decked out completely in Nike. He sports a Nike Elite polo shirt under his Nike FZ Performance top. He also wear Nike Performance pants and Nike low-tops.

Coach Wright employs the astute sartorial attitude of attending his tailor's dressing 180 degrees from the bespoke suit of which he is being fitted for.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

4.99/5 Esquires: Jay looks good in his Nike outfit. Mega bonus points for the #SuitWatch reference. I'm still reserving the 5/5 rating for the tuxedo.