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Villanova Wildcats TV BINGO

Watching Villanova on Fox Sports 1? Play along!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today at 2:00pm, the Villanova Wildcats will face the DePaul Blue Demons. The game will be shown on FS1. While most of our badmouthing of the Big East media home has subsided, the negatives still prevail. Whether it be the mispronounced athlete names or the immense over-coverage of UFC, we all have our complaints with the Fox Sports brand. If only there was a way to watch the game AND have fun with that....

Now there is! Introducing Villanova Wildcats TV BINGO! Each square on the card represents a very common occurrence during Villanova games broadcasted on Fox Sports 1, so chances are you'll be able to get "Bingo" multiple times in the first half.

depaul bingo

Download the PDF, print it out, cut the Bingo cards out, and play with your friends. When you're watching Jay Wright's Wildcats play, follow along and play Bingo with the squares on your card.

Have Fun!

If you have any suggestions for squares on future cards, sound off in the comments...