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How the AP Pollsters Voted (Week 9)

Ron Morris still loves Villanova.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Wright's Villanova Wildcats understandably dropped to the #8 spot in the Week 8 (1/5) Polls. Now we take a look to see how the specific media voted for 'Nova.

Looking at the outliers, Ron Morris of The Slate in Columbia, SC put the Wildcats at the #4 spot behind Kentucky, Virginia, and Duke. Brian Howell of The Daily Camera (Boulder, CO), Jason Smith of The Commercial Appeal (Memphis), and Randy Rosetta at The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) tabbed 'Nova at the #6 spot.

On the low end, Daniel Shirley of The Telegraph (Macon, GA) put the 'Cats at #12, Doug Doughty from the Roanoke (Va) Times put Jay Wright's squad at #14, and Fletcher Mackel from WDSU-TV (New Orleans) placed 'Nova at #16.

Locally, Joe Juliano (The Inquirer) ranked the 'Cats at #6 and Terry Toohey (DelCo Times) put Villanova at #10 .