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VU Hoops: Looking back at an amazing 2014

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Some amazing things happened in VU Hoops land over 2014. We amped up our already complete coverage of Villanova Basketball with in-person media coverage at The Pavilion and on the road. Corollary & yB have become the SB Nation standard for advanced stats in college hoops. We took our 'Nova Football writing to another level with deeper analysis and greater depth. Thanks to Chris we continued our week-day link roundup without missing a beat. Noah & Ryan were awesome at covering Villanova Lacrosse. @Sacketology's humor keeps the weekly Big East preview informative and light-hearted. Brian is the glue to make sure that everyone knows when they're writing and about what.

Villanova fans have an insatiable appetitie for Wildcat coverage and we're happy that you come to VU Hoops to get that fix. Our page views went up 29% and our number of sessions went up 50%.

The comments here are exemplary. They demonstrate community and a desire to educate or entertain rather than belittle and fight. You are a reason everyone should read the comments.

Most read stories of 2014...

  1. April Fools: Jay Wright accepts Boston College head coach position. Maybe we need to be more careful. Even though the article, the slug, and even the title said April Fool's it was missed by some and caused some phone calls to 800 Lancaster.
  2. NCAA Tournament 2014: Odds to Win National Championship and Regions posted. Not all of our articles are Villanova-specific. This one had reach across the SB Nation network due to the nature of the 68 teams' inclusion.
  3. Jalen Brunson down to Villanova & Illinois, will announce Wednesday. It's kind of funny that this wasn't even the commitment announcement thread for the 5-star point guard, but this article solidified the strong possibility of the next great Villanova guard.
  4. FanPost: A possible comprehensive plan for the new Wawa Arena at Villanova and the future of Villanova athletics. NovaDave's FanPost hit our Top 10 despite just 4 days of run in 2014. Again, even with our disclaimers that this was just a thought and idea, it picked up steam as some skimmed that article and thought it was fact.
  5. Villanova Basketball Recruiting 2015 Big Board: May 2014 Edition. In the off-season Chris publishes a recruiting Big Board monthly. There were only 24 comments in this one, but it was our 4th-most traffic'd article of the year.
  6. Why Villanova didn't take a knee, and why Albany's coach should relax. The Albany Football coach got mad that Andy Talley let a fourth-year walk-on run the ball [with success] in garbage time of Villanova's win. College Football fans disagreed with him.
  7. 2014 NCAA Tournament results and bracket: Final score for Milwaukee vs. Villanova 73-53. Villanova won their First Round* NCAA Tournament game and 'Nova Nation is happy. *I'm sorry the round of 64 is still the "First Round" to me, and it will be again in 2016.
  8. Big East Men's Basketball Tournament 2014: Bracket Set. Villanova was the Big East regular season champions and were the #1 seed in the conference tournament.
  9. Jalen Brunson commits to Villanova. Welcome to 'Nova Nation Mr. Brunson. The Chicago guard's commitment and lead-up to the announcement were the biggest story for Villanova in 2014.
  10. Big East Tournament 2014: March 7th bracket projection.
  11. AP Top 25 Poll: Villanova rises to #3.
  12. Donte DiVincenzo commits to Villanova.
  13. A Confused Villanovan’s Guide to Rooting in the NCAA Tournament.
  14. The Battle for the Big East-eros: A Game of Thrones Take on the Big East.
  15. NCAA Tournament 2014: UConn vs. Villanova: Preview, TV Schedule, Odds and more.

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Two years of tallying, two titles for Mr. Lane. The race for the 2015 title is already upon us. Your fingers can rest when they're dead.

2015 we aim to be even better for you and all Villanova fans. Thanks for being there with us!