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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for January 9, 2015

Daily Villanova links.

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! Thankfully the weekend is upon us because I wasn't going to be able to take another day of DePaul sitting ahead of Villanova in the conference standings. We need to right this wrong for all basketball fans across the globe before we get sucked in to some alternate dimension.

And now, the "news."

Behind DePaul's shocking 3-0 start in the Big East |
The Blue Demons have their best team in a decade thanks to a five-out system and a roster that has finally tapped into Chicago's local basketball talent.

Five talking points from midweek Big East action | Banners On The Parkway
Here's a quick rundown of everything you need to know from this week's Big East midweek games.

Louisville transfer Akoy Agau heading to Georgetown | Casual Hoya
6'8" sophomore's Stat Line: 3 Games Played, 3.7 MPG, 0.0 PPG, 0.3 RPG

What’s in, out, hot, not in 2015 |
With the 2015 sports season just beginning to warm, it’s time for two sometimes annual and altogether vital traditions.

A blueprint to make Big East great again |
As it enters the second season of its new life, the Big East has no identity. It has no image. It has some tradition and history, but that’s not much of a foundation, because some of the teams involved in that tradition aren’t here anymore. The Big East was a creation of genius and timing, born when the stars aligned with the moon, and ESPN and college basketball exploded together. That was the 1980s. This is 2015.

Top recruit says the wrong school while announcing his choice | Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Carlton Bragg's mistake could someday land him a starring role in a "Wanna Get Away" ad campaign.

Boston chosen as U.S. Olympic bid city for 2024 |
Boston will now have to wait until 2017 before the International Olympic Committee chooses a host city for the 2024 games.

The National Eater 38: Where to Eat in 2015 | Eater
My pound-packing task: to compile Eater's inaugural roll call of the 38 essential restaurants in America, an idea that builds on the Eater 38 lists maintained by our local editors in 24 cities across the U.S. (and in Montreal).

Footy Dreams: American Hoopsters Give Aussie Rules Football a Go |
#LongForm Alert: For college basketball players who can't make it in the NBA, there's a different pro sport in Australia embracing their size and skill.