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Jay Wright #SuitWatch: Big East Media Day

#SuitWatch is back!

Once again, VU Hoops friend Jonathan Tannenwald helps out as he did in 2014.

"Stay Hungry. Stay Humble." It's a phrase that Jay Wright instills in his team conveying the point that nothing is given to you, but earned. The coach, himself, took the same attitude when it came to his style at Madison Square Garden for BIG EAST Media Day.

The Villanova head coach, who is starting his 15th year at the Wildcats' helm, could have been the best-dressed coach at Media Day wearing Nike warmups but Wright dressed to the nines and pulled out three-pieces.

Wright's three-piece suit featured a two buttoned brown jacket and vest of alternating stripes of light blue and light brown. Underneath, he sported a brown and navy broadstripe shirt with double-barrel cuffs as well as a primary golden-hue'd tie with small light blue and white shapes.

He finished off the ensemble with a tan pocket square.

If the look is familiar, it's because Wright wore the same combination against NJIT last December, but you probably knew that because you are smart.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4.5/5 Esquires: Because, three-pieces.