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The Sun's Arizin: It's Villanova Basketball Hoops Mania week

The season is upon us.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! The football team got a much needed win this weekend over a hapless Albany team that will hopefully get the team back on the right track. But that's not why I'm feeling so ecstatic this morning.


The staff worked their butts off on this one, so we hope you enjoy. We'll continue to keep an eye on who is planning to visit for Hoops Mania this Friday as well, but the early returns seem to be just about everybody you'd hope would be there.

And now, the "news."

Big East previews: Is Villanova ready to step it up in March? | FOX Sports
Clearly, Villanova wasn't the program it thought itself to be. Even the most passionate Philadelphia college hoops junkie would be delusional to think otherwise.

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Denver's NCAA title win last May — the first by a Division I men's team from a state that doesn't touch the Atlantic Ocean — could eventually lead to much more than this. But at the micro level, in the here and now, the Pioneers' striking of gold has at the very least created a new normal for everyone else in their conference home, ironically named the Big East.

Louisville Escort Scandal Adds Lawyer From Bottom Of Trashcan | Above the Law
The Louisville basketball sex scandal has brought back a lawyer from the garbage heap.