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Villanova at Towson Football Preview : Q&A with Tyler Beard of the Towerlight

The Wildcats bounced back big last weekend at Albany, and now they'll head south to face Towson and try to keep the momentum going.

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Villanova and Towson have had some lively games in the last few seasons. The Wildcats lead the all-time series 7-4, but the schools split the last four games evenly, with the 'Cats getting pushed around in 2011 and 2012, while they won the last two. Last season's Tigers were a bit of a letdown, finishing the season below-.500, but the 2015 version enters the game at 3-3, and played a competitive game at FBS Eastern Carolina to open the season.

To get caught up on what the Tigers have been up to since last November, we reached out to Tyler Beard (@tylerbeard2), a writer for the Towerlight, Towson's student newspaper.

(1) Darius Victor had a great game against Villanova last season; how important is he to the Towson offense in 2015?
It's no secret that Darius Victor is the focal point of the Tigers' offense. He shows off a powerful burst and is very hard to bring down. The Tigers will look to establish the run with him early but won't be afraid to let Connor Frazier throw the football, especially with Victor battling some injuries. Frazier is also a threat to run, being a mobile quarterback. However, Victor is the key to the Tigers' success.
(2) Towson sits at 3-3 on the season with losses to JMU, Elon and ECU; two of those losses are almost expected, but what happened at Elon?
It's hard to make excuses for losses but losing Victor to injury early in the game really hurt Towson's game plan. It also didn't help that the team failed to convert a few fourth down conversions inside of Elon's 30-yard line. Weather also played a big part in the game and, mixed with Victor's injury, played into Elon's favor. Towson did have its chances to win the ball game though but just failed to convert.
(3) Towson's defense seems to be lagging its offense this season; what are the Tiger's weaknesses on that side of the ball?
Towson's defense can be very strong at times but sometimes missed tackles really hurts the team. The secondary has also struggled at times and has let receivers get down field. Make no mistake though, Towson's front seven is a very tough and physical group that can get to the quarterback in a hurry.
(4) Villanova's QB Zach Bednarczyk set a school record for completion percentage last weekend at Albany, connecting on every pass attempt. What can you tell me about Towson's ability to challenge a rookie quarterback?
As I mentioned early, Towson's front seven could make Bednarczyk have a long day if they get a good pass rush. Junior linebacker Eric Handy is the team's leading tackler and has been able to make plays all across the field. Junior defensive tackle Max Tejada has come on strong lately, including a big sack against Stony Brook that led to fumble and a defensive touchdown for Towson. These big men will challenge the rookie quarterback early and Villanova will be in trouble if he gets rattled quickly.
(5) This is one of the more "local" games in the CAA for Villanova (and probably for Towson as well), and things definitely have been competitive in the Rob Ambrose era. How does the Towson community (fans, students, alums) feel about this game?
Towson fans are very excited about this game as its the Homecoming game for this season. The stadium should be packed for this matchup and Coach Ambrose loves to get the student section involved, so look for a loud crowd in this game.