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Villanova Football Depth Chart: Weyler out at kicker as Cats deal with changes

Though the Wildcats are sticking with Zach Bednarczyk at quarterback, another highly-anticipated freshman is now right behind him.

Matt Gregory

Zach Bednarczyk had a rough go of it in his first Wildcats start two weeks ago, but the coaching staff has faith that he will perform better after taking the bye to prepare. That said, walk-on Jackson Bradley has been swapped out on this week's two-deep for more-heralded freshman quarterback Adeyemi Da Silva. That change may have been due to an injury keeping Da Silva out of his pads last week.

The more-noticeable change this weekend, however, will be that freshman Gerard Smith has been moved up to replace Steve Weyler as the starting kicker. Weyler will still handle kick-offs, but his lack of confidence and the Wildcats' need for an option on 4th downs, has seemingly pushed a change at this point in the season.

You might also notice Doug Turrell's return to the tight end rotation. Turrell was forced to fill in at offensive tackle during the Delaware game, and was pressed into service at left tackle again against Penn. Now he will be running routes once again as Jake Prus slides over from the right tackle spot to the left. Freshman Ethan Greenidge will be protecting lefty Bednarcyk's blind side on the right.

The Full Depth Chart:

Week 5 Depth