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2015-16 Villanova Hoops Predictor Contest

Do you think you know how the Villanova Wildcats will do in the 2015-16 Season? Well, here's your opportunity to have some fun with it.

We're proud to announce the Villanova Hoops Predictor Contest for VU Hoops readers. It's free, it's for fun, it's for bragging rights and internet bonus points (i.e. no tangible prize).

How to Play

Simply, click here to enter who you are and your selections on our Google Form. If you predict who will win a game (straight-up score), you will earn points.

Point Break Down

  • Big East games- 2
  • Big 5 games- 2
  • Oklahoma & Virginia- 3
  • Every other game- 1

Deadline: Entries close at 5p ET on Friday, November13th.