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How does this Villanova Basketball team stack up against Jay Wright's best?

Who would win a Round Robin Tournament: The '15-'16 Wildcats, The NBA talent of '06, or the Final Four team of '09?

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Most Villanova fans can be lumped into 1 of 2 categories: Optimists and Pessimists.  It's not an exact science, but we all know someone in each category.  One of my favorite people to talk Villanova Basketball with falls into the later category.  He always KNOWS the team won't be as good as everyone says they will.  He's SURE that we won't be able to win a National Championship with Jay Wright's coaching style.  And every time he finally comes around to thinking there might be hope, Nova will lose a big game and he goes right back to the dark side.

I like to think I live on the other side of the fence.  On this side the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everyone believes THIS is the year the Wildcats can get back to the Final Four.  You know, just like every year.  But this season seems to have a lot more optimists than usual.  It's the final season of Arch-efu, it's the first season of Brunson, and the team seems poised to finally get the tournament monkey off its back.

Along with all this optimism has come comparisons to previous successful Jay Wright teams.  They're highly ranked, they feature a 4 guard look, and they have multiple balanced scoring options.  So that got me thinking, what if this year's team faced Jay's best teams? Now I'm sure there can be plenty of debate on which teams were Jay's best, but I'm going to go with the '06 NBA bound team and the '09 Final Four team.

As a whole, these teams do take on similar characteristics.  The glaring similarity is that all 3 of these teams started 4 guards, but still matched up well defensively.  All 3 teams had great leadership on the court that they could rely on.  And each team had multiple scoring options that could cause miss-matches for opposing teams.  So if we can't see an obvious winner by looking at the whole, let's break each team down by its parts.

None of these teams fit into the classic basketball terminology, and as Jay said on Friday, "We just call them guards.  Villanova guards."  So instead of using the classic terms, let's look at each position as they're used in Jay's system.

The Floor General: Randy Foye vs. Scottie Reynolds vs. Ryan Arcidiacono

Talk about some guys that will all end up in the rafters at the Pavilion (or the Wawa Arena?).  These are some of the greatest leaders Villanova has seen over the last decade.  They can all fill up a stat sheet, but there's an easy way to pick a winner here.  Arch won a Big-East Player of the Year award.  Scottie was a national first-team All American.  Foye was both.  Game, blouses.

The "Other" Ball Handler: Kyle Lowry vs. Reggie Redding vs. Jalen Brunson

One of these things is not like the others.  Redding was a great player for Nova, and they wouldn't have gone to the Final Four without him, but he just wouldn't be able to keep up with Lowry or Brunson if he had to go up against them.  But he shouldn't feel too bad, because I don't think anyone on this year's team could keep up with Lowry.  Special talents like that don't come around often, and when they do they don't stay long.  As good as Brunson is and could be, I still can't put him above my favorite guard of the Jay Wright era.  Mark up another point for the '06 team.

The Sharp Shooter: Allan Ray vs. Corey Stokes vs. Kris Jenkins

There have been some pretty strokes from down-town at Villanova in the Jay Wright era.  While the quintessential Wildcat team has multiple 3-point shooters, there's always one guy that's known as the shooter.   The guy that comes straight down the court and goes right to the corner waiting for the ball.  Jenkins will do that and more this season.  Stokes may have had the most flawless shot I've ever seen.  But no one held a candle to the way Ray could hit big shots.  Don't look now, but '06 is running away with this article.

The "Glue" Guard: Mike Nardi vs. Dwayne Anderson vs. Josh Hart

There's more to basketball than scoring, and these guys took could do it all.  You need a flawless no-look pass to the post, Nardi's your man.  You need a clutch turnover created by a from-behind super man diving steal, Anderson did that more than once.  You need someone to track down a rebound like it's magnetically attracted to his hands, Hart's got you covered.  These guys have all come up big for their team, but none put it all together the way I think Josh Hart can.  Not only is he the most athletic of the group and possibly the best scorer, he's got Nardi coaching him!  I can't argue against picking any of these three, but my heart's with Hart.

The Big Man: Will Sheridan vs. Dante Cunningham vs. Daniel Ochefu

While all 3 Villanova bigs were asked to anchor the defense, Bump never contributed on the offensive end the way the other two have.  Ochefu is probably my favorite player on this year's Nova team, and the one many are expecting the most from.  But Dante did something in that Final Four season that I didn't think was possible for a Villanova player.  He scored more points per game than Scottie.  If that doesn't win it for you, I don't know what will

The 6th Man: Jason Fraser vs. Corey Fisher vs. Phil Booth

Talk about some fan favorites.  As good as Fraser was, Nova fans will always wonder what he could have been if he stayed healthy.  Booth has a bright future ahead of him and is coming off a great freshman season.  But Fisher was a crucial part of that '09 team, not to mention that he was named the Big East 6th Man of the Year that season.

I love the potential of this year's team, and I'll always remember "The Shot" against Pitt.  But that '06 team was the best Jay has ever put on the floor.  They spent much of that regular season jockeying for position with UConn before eventually tying with them as Regular Season Champs.  This time though, there won't be a tie.  Only one team can be Jay's best.

So now it's time for you to pick.  What if this year's team played against Jays best?  Who would win?  Which team was your favorite?  Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments below!