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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Nebraska

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Gavitt Tipoff Games pitting eight Big Ten teams against a BIG EAST opponent started on Tuesday with Villanova hosting the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The challenge series puts two of the nation's top conferences in the spotlight and Jay Wright's dressed for that occasion commanding the sidelines in a sartorial splendor showing that his style is already in post-season form.

Villanova's head coach pulled out a three-piece suit in only the second game of the season something he didn't do until the 12th game last season.

As his team dismantled the 'Huskers by 24 points, Wright donned a two-button charcoal pinstripe suit with fantastic mother-of-pearl hardware. He matched the suit with a light-purple broadcloth striped shirt and a purple paisley tie. Leaving the jacket unbuttoned allowed Wright freedom of movement while coaching, and showed off the dandy vest he was wearing as well.

Along side a Gavitt Games lapel pin, a deep purple pocket square finished off the look.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

(3.5/5 Esquires) Overall the look is distinguished and one of #SuitWatch's favorites. However, with the unique characteristics of the outfit, it is a memorable one which puts #SuitWatch at a crossroads for grading as new looks provide a fresher outlook.

In a vacuum, the look is 4.5 Esquires. However, having now worn the distinct suit 4 times, with three of them including the same shirt and tie (at Syracuse in 2013, & at Creighton last season), the score is degraded.